Facebook thugs – is this the way it will go down?

Alan Forrest Smith – the 21st Century Iconoclast – and all round excellent web sales / copy writer – just wrote this on his facebook wall as a reaction to the modern state of play around facebook – as the medium grows in maturity and the marketing gurus grow in immaturity – It struck such a cord with me – that I had to blog about it.
Think about it and how this idea projected into the mid-term future could affect your great marketing.

Gang culture

Thug mentality

Bully boys

Throwing out toyz

Manipulators of life

Persuaders of others

I’m right

It’s mine

Back me

Support me

Let destroy

Lets annoy

Join my gang

Money rich

Stinking bitch

Slanderous side

Life landslide

Reapers of the sowing



Self destructers

Silence him

Abuse him

Fake him for fun

Chase make him run

I got him first

Look at me boys



FB thugs

Bully boy mugs

Supporters of nothing


Fresh air and Lies

They will come to nothing

Like wind

Like a storm

Like a baby that cries and cries and cries

They forget their start

They’ll never forget their end

Doers of bad

Your days are numbered

You will fall, no question… you will fall hard!

Self exposing expose


Damn fools


21st Century gangland hitmen


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