Goodness the public sector does annoy me… now they want free mentoring!

Before when they had lots of money but no new ideas – they paid us to help people.

Now they have no money and lots of old ideas – they want to NOT pay us to help people.

This new genius idea of the BIG society is simply management getting paid to manage volunteers.

So the public sector bosses get paid the money that society gives them – whilst us workers go unemployed.

It’s a win win. For some. For them.

But they feel justified as they now run (or have run too) a social enterprize to cover themselves.

Seriously this isnt funny anymore. Someone best come up with something which helps everyone.

And if you are successfully enough to be a non paid mentor – great news – I can only guess that start up businesses ask you for mentoring help off thier own bats – do you really need managing for a million?


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