Being at UKfast host’s – Round table on E-learning

Was very proud today to be part of a future thinking think tank – a round table discussion on elearning and mobile education – with some very clever people at UKfast.

One question we covered together was what possibilities do Apps, iPads, networked games consoles bring about in education and training?

Good point especially with what is happening…

In the world of the net – not only are some BIG things happening with what the net might be in the years to come (totally free / not so free) – but there are some BIG players entering the Ipad world as well.

With even the BIG man himself, Murdoch, reckoning Apple will sell about 15m iPads this year and more than 40m by 2012, with more being made by other manufacturers.

But let’s be fair, estimates for the potential size of the market vary wildly. And most of them even from really clever paying people have been horribly wrong.

As Guardian Tech, reports,

“A couple of months before the iPad launched, ABI Research estimated that 4m could be shipped this year, rising to 57m a year by 2015. But on the run-rate reached since the device launched in the US in April, Apple should exceed 4m this month.

At the start of the year, research house Gartner reckoned 4m tablets would be sold this year – including the iPad. After the iPad’s success that estimate is now 14m.”

So we can all be wrong about numbers what we can’t be wrong about is the change that this can make to education.

After reading Clay Shirky’s wonderful ‘Here comes everybody’ and ‘Coginitive Surplus’ you can see the role of teacher and trainer to be seriously under attack.

We can all be the teachers – or the facilitators of learning – as Lord Puttnam’s new film about education puts it ‘We are the people we’ve been waiting for’.

However will ipads really make a difference in education? The potential is massive but…. the tablet market is still small compared with the PC and the mobile phone markets. Sticking with Gartner’s figures, the 14m tablets in 2010 compares with an estimate of 1.4bn mobile phones and 366m personal computers.

For mobiles – the number of mobile phone subscribers has doubled in the past five years. This figure is expected to rise by 10 percent to 5.6 billion in 2011.

So is it ipads or iphones that we should be looking into for training people and changing education / e-learning – I think you know what I feel.

Mobile is the future – and mix this with social and you get things to be very funky indeed.

Marketing in a way is like teaching (especially when you teach people marketing) so perhaps we should all look at facilitating rather than teaching.

Changing people from not buying your products – to loving what you do – now that is ‘great marketing’ and how internet marketing works.


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