Can you teach an old dog, new tricks?

Having now met with a couple of large public sector non-for-profits

(ahem, ahem)

Who apparently want to re-engage with the creative, entrepreneurial, starting and high growth businesses in the NW I can see we need some fundamental changes in culture for anything to happen – just finished a meeting which made me so angry….

Nothing to do with great marketing – just a rant about a particularly bad organisation who could really do with reading these tips on great marketing.

So angry.

So angry.

Have just been part of a focus group, a support moment for a friend, a round table (ish) if you will. Not the first time, this has been asked for, and happy to help.

But NOT when the very people / organisation that wanted to listen to us are the very same which stone walled every suggestion.

Organisations that don’t do any market research as they are so big, publically funded or simply set in their official ways are precisely the problem with old school backward, top – down thinking.

Yet, this was juxtaposed by their very real need as a membership organisation to be consumer centred and forward thinking.

When we brought up social media, which was a little like showing a card trick to a puppy, the retort came back – that this “was something that was too specific to the market place i.e. for businesses like yours…”

Businesses like mine!

True, we are a little cutting edge in our practises (as all proactive organisations are) but what we were talking about is by no means bleeding edge!

We were talking about engaging their potential customers with linkedin, twitter and the other great social media marketing practises.

We weren’t talking about augmented realities 😉

They even shuddered at the idea of even asking their database whether they used social media – a basic first step – see where your customers are and go and meet them there…

These are the very organisations that won’t exist come the revolution.

You see without such organisations knowing it, and they are not alone in this, the revolution may already have happened? It was just silent, and even more deadly because of it.

As social networks and blogs accounted for less than 9% of all UK time spent online three years ago, but this figure has rocketed to 23% in the latest study coupled with the fact that us Brits are now spending 65% more time online than we did in 2007.

It’s a heady mix – and not just consumed by consumers but business people and not just in the digital world – but in real business. Think about the power of Linkedin.

Their organisation, in true need of help, seems at present to be an archaic, snobbish, non-engaged, powerful yet struggling, lobbying device which chats around ideas to our politicians with their member’s money which it gains from heavy handed sales practises targeting people who know no better.

NOT based on #greatmarketing at all.

They even balked at the idea of giving people a free month trial!

Talk about not believing in your own product / service. So if they don’t believe in it – why should I?

Why should any of us?


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