It’s costing the UK up to £14b ayear….

Apparently, the average workplace use of social media on the rise – and this has been worked out to be costing the UK up to £14b in lost work time but is it really?

This is classic online journalism excitement and the bending of statistics – but we all know this – what is perhaps more interesting is the idea behind the press piece. That social networking and social media is costing us more than other internet business time taking tools.

i.e. people didn’t waste their time before, workers never did personal work on works time before, before social media we weren’t gazing our of windows or gassing by the water cooler?

Surely we were? And work was fine because of it, rather than despite of it.

Social networking, when you engage with your staff, has the power to do really great things to your marketing ROI with your staffs time.

Heck I would say – get them to do more. And if you own a delicatessen. Let them tweet cake.


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