Why Innospace – is so great…

I was lucky enough to be invited to talk at a 3rd birthday party for Innospace (MMU’s leading incubator space) the other day.

Greatness (or the opportunity for greatness) was somewhat thrust at me. And with nothing prepared I just gave a few thanks and in my own mind – missed the great marketing point about Innospace.

Innospace, has done so many, many things for me and with me, that I simply couldn’t list them all in the speech. So I thought I would simply write a few of them down here – to show why incubators are so important in the ecosystem of start-ups and to make a confession too.

You see I didn’t really use Innospace, apart for the address for the first year!

For me it was just cheap office space (a great idea for start ups with no cash) and something I wanted to be part of as I had been working around the idea with the then Dean.

Legend has it I was the first person to sign on the dotted line as a tenant – but this is disputed by others (which is often the case for PR terms)

But without Innospace, the following would not have happened:

1. I would have never have had my first universities sponsored talk. With the Centre for Enterprise.

2. I would have never have networked into opportunities on a nationwide scale. With James Caan and Flying Start.

3. I wouldn’t have met people I know work with on your marketing trainer – my new non public sector project.

4. I would have never met some of the most entrepreneurial people that I am proud to call friends.

5. My new series of products would have never looked so good – with such a great and powerful marketing mechanism behind it and some really great ideas which we are giving away for free.

HUGE thanks to the following for this new project and it’s soon to be success:

Stephen of IvyParkMedia, Patrick of Kelembeck Designs, Jon of FallingPixel and Malcolm of The Cultureship Practise.

As well as the man who has done all my video work – Alex from Amac Films.

So this is why Innospace is so great. It is the people and the culture they create.It is more than the sum of its parts.

And yet it took me three years to realise it.

I hope that the new government and new leaders don’t make the same mistake and think that the office space and the funding is the only part of importance in incubators.

Nationwide – not just Innospace.

For if they do, they will miss the point and an opportunity for real greatness.

Lucky for me, I got another chance. But will they?


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