FREE training for the North West!

The idea is simple.

We have created £100 worth of training videos and study kits for individuals who want their businesses to get better at marketing.

We are therefore (as this is free) looking for 10 organisations, who work with businesses (but do not charge them) to benefit from this free training offer.

We  will not go live with this idea until we have 10 organisations!

No harm, no foul, as nothing will go to press until we have the 10.

As with anything new (and especially when too good to be true, which this apparently is) we have had a host of questions about the idea.

A couple of really good questions from real people….

Here are and I hope they answer your questions too.

“Hi Dan, can you forward on a couple of samples of the training podcasts you mentioned in your email and an outline of the free training programme i.e. the areas that the videos cover.”

The course covers all the elements of the GREAT marketing workshops that we produced last term.

  • Guerrilla marketing (principles and tactics),
  • Relationship marketing (including PR),
  • Electronic marketing (SEO and PPC tips),
  • Active marketing (social media) and
  • Togetherness marketing (i.e. creating an integrated plan.)

Each set (5 videos) is then supported by a set of take home notes and a couple of exercises for your clients to complete if they wish.

Examples of the training materials are linked below:

“Dan, as we are the Council we would need to understand what if anything Great Marketing Works would expect from us”

This idea has been created to help councils help business support. We used to receieve funding to create this materials and workshops for councils. 

We are now offering this for free for a limited time only. The more people you can tell the better, for you. Remember there is a limit of 1000 businesses.

“As it’s free, what is your company to do with any information collated online or offline e.g. a follow up sales telephone calls?”

We are not following up with any sales calls. Each person you invite to the website will have the chance to unsubscribe at any time.

In fact, we do a double opt in to make sure they want the service we are providing. As we advise all our clients to do the same.

“If Great Marketing Works was planning to contact any company after they viewed the free training, what would you be looking to additionally offer?”

Your clients get marketing ideas from the free videos (remember only 10 organisations in the NW and only 1000 maximum numbers per organisation.)

From this free training we would hope your clients make more money, which is the same rationale, as all previous great marketing workshops and teachings.

If your clients would like a free marketing strategy they can come to Your Marketing Chef – where they get a choice of different guides and sector specific recipes.

If they would like a free ½ hour marketing audit (subject to conditions) they can come to Your Marketing Doctor.

We give them 10 questions to complete and then help them over the phone for ½ hour – very effectively.

And after this (and only after this) if they would like us to help them create some marketing tools for them i.e. a PPC campaign or fix parts of their marketing they consider broken they can visit Your Marketing Mechanic.

Later on in the year we may even do some workshops and master classes (hopefully funded or part funded by the councils and organisations we have helped.)

Your Marketing Trainer is all free no matter what the outcome.It is here to simply help you help support businesses whilst you haven’t the resources.

Who will benefit the most?

We all  will – it is a win / win and has been created with this in mind.

The ideal business for this training is under 5 years old, with less than 20 employees, with computer access and a working website.

So if you know anyone like this – tell them – to go to – as simple as that.


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