Is it me – or did social media just change the world…. the real world.

Those of you that know me – know I love two concepts (as well as greatmarketing)

Communication and Change.

And one thing in particular, technology. And how we can mix all these things and concepts together to make a difference.

Well, I am loving the world right now. Not just because of my lovely new daughter (16 weeks old on Thursday and eating solids – see silly picture) but also because social networking through facebook, twitter, and the power of losomopho (location, social, mobile and photo tech) is combining with the real desire for change and changing the world.

This is amazing.

It really is.

It’s amazing as the places where the changes are coming are places where traditionally you might think change was impossible.

And you know think of the defining image of the uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa – the idea that unites Egypt with Tunisia, Bahrain and Libya. It has not been, in itself, the celebrations of Hosni Mubarak’s fall nor the battles in Tahrir Square in Cairo. Nor even the fact of Mohammed Bouazizi’s self-immolation in the central Tunisian town of Sidi Bouzid, which acted as a trigger for all the events that have unfolded.

Instead, that defining image is this: a young woman or a young man with a smartphone changing their world.

Another wonderful idea is which hasnt been used yet in the revolutions – is streaming technology – – but I guess this is because they are brand new.

It really is rather clever, and has some great potential for greatmarketing – so check it out.

We could use it for training people, especially training students, in great marketing – I think that’s what I will do with it.


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