Someone asked me about this the other day – how did the internet change…

So I will simply say – it has done 🙂

Mainly due to social media and virtual communities.

And give you a  list of all virtual communities with more than 100 million active users.

Name Active user accounts Date
Tencent QQ 636 million[1][2] November 2010
Facebook 600+ million[3] January 2011
Habbo 203 million[4] February 2011
Qzone 200 million[5] February 2009
Twitter 190 million[6][7] January 2011
Gmail 176.5 million[8] December 2009
Vkontakte 135+ million[9] February 2011
Orkut 120+ million [10][11][12] August 2010
Windows Live Spaces 120 million[13] August 2006
Bebo 117 million[14] July 2010
Myspace 100+ million[15][16] May 2009
Badoo 100+ million[17] February 2011

I will also say that when you look back at it – a lot of the changes happened twice or even three times  i.e. with early adoption of an idea, then a tipping point and then a twist.

Have a look at the link below to get a feel for what I mean.

And for those of you who would like to know how the internet all started this is a wonderful short film about it.

And fo those who love to read more – then read on – as the development of the Internet took a greater step in 1990, when Tim Burners-Lee finally created the protocols of the World Wide Web’ and it was open for business in 1992.

Three years later, telecommunication giants, Sprint, Ameritech and Pacific Bell, became the gatekeepers of the principal access points and in the same year, 6.5 to 10.3 million machines in the US connected to the Internet.

With the creation of the Internet, Winston argued that it will create a new virtual social community and it would be a crucial method for selling goods and services. It is also noted that in the early years, the only effective marketers on the Internet were the pornographers. All in all, beyond the hype, Internet was just another network and social effects could be as profound as those of that far more ubiquitous network, the telephone.

And just imagine what would happen if we could all use a telephone on the move – and this device also went onto the internet 🙂

Wouldn’t that me great for us marketing people?

For training on social and mobile marketing – give me a call / email.


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