Rather proud to be talking at this event – about Mobile Marketing


But the question might be WHY? Why talk about mobile marketing – rather than other type of marketing ….

Well the reason is a BIG one – mobile is going to be the BIGGEST marketing arena in the modern world.

How BIG is mobile going to get?

InMobi surveyed 15,000 mobile users in 14 countries about their shopping habits based on this survey; InMobi predicts U.S. mobile shopping sales volume will reach $9 billion in 2011.

So how big will it get over here – very BIG indeed it would seem.

The mobile industry has now 4.6 Billion active subscriptions.

Note that the planet as 6.8 Billion people.

So that’s a mobile phone account for 68% of the planet already!

And from the other side of the pond – 35 percent of people are comfortable shopping with their mobile devices.

The revolution is going to be mobile – and it’s already happening – the question is more….. is it going to be us (SME’s) in control of our own hyperlocal marketing or will the BIG boys get to own it all?

When you start thinking about location and social and mobile – you see one BIG player uniting it all.

The only thing that freaks out Google —– the big boy FACEBOOK.

And with 90% of people trusting the recommendations of their Facebook friends (Source: ExactTarget, August 2010)

Perhaps you can see where the future of #greatmarketing will be….  

On a site where their 500+ million active users spend over 700 billion minutes a month. (Source: Facebook, April 2011)

What will Facebook do next – I guess they will be going into Groupon ideas – making their own bank and most probably undermining the very nature of the internet itself.


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