What a difference a name….

As I am working for goAugmented at the moment – doing some #greatmarketing for them – getting them ready for commercialising their product and we started thinking of names.

Personally I don’t like goAugmented – but we market researched (using polldaddy and linkedin) and found that our target market did like the name…. so we give the people what they want.

But it did start me thinking about names, the power of names, and how much names can change a perception of a product, a place and even a person.

Some classic real names (pre marketing names) of rap stars are amazingly as follows:

50 Cent                           Curtis James “Boo Boo” Jackson III

Afroman                         Joseph Foreman

Busta Rhymes              Trevor Smith

Flavor Flav                   William Jonathan Drayton, Jr

Grandmaster Flash    Joseph Saddler

Interesting isn’t it?

But does it effect what people buy?

I would think so….. and just from a personal point of view – my wife has never wanted to go to ‘aqua babies’ with our little one – just turned 6 months…

But as soon as they renamed it Puddle Ducks – she signed up straight away.

What a difference a name makes.

Simple greatmarketing which is all about branding which is one of our top marketing workshops.


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