Has the mobile advertising world come of age?

People keep asking me, which is nice to be asked, about mobile marketing after I did a little talk at the Business North West event in May.

For prosperity and bragging rights I have popped the whole presentation onto Linkedin  – URL for the presentation below.

But the bigger question is about are BIG brands now using mobile – not just with future facing Augmented Reality – but with apps and even basic SMS.

Or if they are (which they are) are these marketing methods really working?

Those of you that know about my passion for ‘losomopho’ (location, social, mobile, photography marketing) will know that I am a passionate advocate for these ideas – mainly based on a knowlegde of great marketing and my own theoritical understandings.

However, often people need not theories but working practises for them to believe. So it is with great joy that this profit (apols on pun) in the wilderness is being proven right.

BIG brands are seeing BIG returns with mobile.

Adidas provided worked in India during the Cricket World Cup with something wonderful.

Allowing users to follow the action and titled ‘Bring it on’, the application provided tournament fixtures, scores and standings as well as wallpapers featuring cricket stars and information about cricket gear.

Since the Adidas’ Cricket World Cup app was hosted on Djuzz it experienced:

  • 239,781 unique visitors
  • 98,324 total downloads
  • more than 2800 downloads per day

There are several reasons that this application was successful.

And they are not all inclusive for the smaller brand to learn from – as again the leverage point that the BIG boys have got means that they can early adopt in this realm and scoop most of the kudos. i.e. with the Adidas app you got  exclusive content, in partnership with ICC (International Cricket Council).Not only this but it was FREE. And had Adidas on it. A plus point.

As Dr KF Lai is CEO of BuzzCityU comments: ” Undoubtedly marketers need to take notice and realise that mobile should not be thought of as just another marketing strategy but approach mobile as a new channel of communication. The tools and technology are now available and the evidence has been laid on the table, brands can now see that mobile can work alongside existing traditional media.

And it will be interesting to see whether such #greatmarketing really does break through to the smaller brands.

With the potential democratisation of augmented reality just coming around the corner – we could all become producers of a new world.

Which is why – we here at Great Marketing Works – are doing training workshop on marketing on mobile phones, before the opportunity passes our clients by.
And on that note – here is the URL link for the presentation I did in May for Business North West which went down rather well.



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