Thinking about creating a new brand – so….

Today we have been thinking about our clients and brand creation.

Not just the small ones but the BIG ones too.

And where do we think the next BIG players will come from.

Well, it just so happens that a new report has declared that the biggest brand on the planet – is no longer Google.

Maybe Cisco are right and we are moving past the time of computers – to the time of #mobile.

As guess who is no. 1 ………..Apple! As Brands Top 100 has reported:

Apple has ousted Google to become the world’s most valuable brand, according to the results of the sixth annual BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands study, conducted by Millward Brown Optimorand commissioned by its parent company, WPP and they should know – as they are MASSIVE.

According to the ranking, Apple’s value now stands at $153.3bn (£93.6bn), a 859 per cent increase in value since 2006, and an 84 per cent increase over the past year alone.

Now who doesn’t think the new world is all about mobile 🙂

The study identifies and ranks the world’s most valuable 100 brands by their dollar value, with the analysis based on financial data, combined with consumer measures of brand equity. Google is in second place on $111.5bn, having seen the value of its brand fall by 2 per cent since last year’s study. Two other mobile firms appear in the top 10; AT&T is in 7th place and China Mobile in 9th. Microsoft also makes an appearance in 5th place.

The top 10, together with their brand value, are as follows:

  1. Apple: $153.3bn
  2. Google: $111.5bn
  3. IBM: $100.8bn
  4. McDonalds: $81bn
  5. Microsoft: $78.2bn
  6. Coca-Cola: $73.8bn
  7. AT&T: $69.9bn
  8. Marlboro: $67.5bn
  9. China Mobile: $57.3bn
  10. GE: $50.3bn

Technology and telecom brands dominate the ranking, with technology brands accounting for one third of the Top 100 brands.

Facebook makes its debut in the Top 100 ranking this year at No. 35 with the highest increase in brand value, 246 per cent, and a brand value of $19.1bn.

Online retailer Amazon also edged past Walmart to become the No. 1 retail brand and 14th overall, with a 37 per cent rise in brand value to $37.6bn.

But is brand important?

“Our brand valuations are a powerful measure of an organization’s ability to create real and lasting value for shareholders.” says Millward Brown CEO, Eileen Campbell. “By nurturing its brand and constantly innovating, Apple is able to command a high price premium and weather economic turbulence, providing a global business success story that other brands can learn from.

“Business leaders can embrace brand management as a critical competency for building long-term financial value. Compared with an overall improvement of 13 per cent in the world’s equity markets during 2010, the best brands grew their value 30 per cent faster.”

So is brand important….. yeppers.

I think we best work on ours a little more, do you?


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