If the world is going to end – I had a blast.

Just heard that the world might end in at 6pm GMT today (Saturday 21st of May)

This has come as a bit of a shock to be honest with you and I cant say that I am not a bit disappointed.

Not with the amount of fun I have had – its’s been great – but rather than no one has run a BIG story on this.

And not one brand has done any marketing around it.

So as part of my role with goAugmented I have just been playing with ideas of creating a host of 3D angelic models or augmented reality pictures of Jesus to appear in different world locations…

We could make them appear in different places in Manchester and London at 6pm – when you look through your iphone and through the Junaio channel at see them.

We were going to call it goRapture….

But we have thought that this would just been a little too naughty for us to do.

Which got me to thinking about two things.

Fake promises and predictions


Leadership and branding.

The first one is very topical and is wonderfully summed byPeter Collett in his Article for the Guardian.

Where he explains that in 1954 a series of psychologists gained access to “members of a Michigan cult who believed that there would be a great flood on 21 December, destroying everyone except the true believers, who would be whisked to safety in a flying saucer. They interviewed these cult members before and after the appointed day.

Instead of abandoning their beliefs when the flood and the flying saucer failed to materialise, most cult members actually consolidated their beliefs and increased their attachment to the group. They explained this in terms of “cognitive dissonance” – the psychological discomfort that people experience when their beliefs come into conflict.

In the wake of a failed prophecy, a leader can always deny that he ever made that prediction or insist that he said something else. In some instances these denials may be premeditated, while in others they may arise from genuine distortions of memory – including what psychologists call “hindsight bias”. Believers may even insist that the prophecy has happened, not in our world, but in some spiritual sphere.”

Now this is interesting and ties nicely into the work we are doing today with goAugmented.

We are business planning – or as ReWork so wonderfully puts it – making ‘guessing estimates at best’.

We want a commercial company, something which survives well after the Rapture, and a fun company, something which can laugh at itself and not take the world too seriously. Hence the #greatmarketing idea about the digital ascension.

The company is going to be playful, creative, exciting and oozing with innovation.

We want people to say WOW. Should we have done the Rapture moment?

We decided that we would – just in the company – for a playful giggle – have a picture of Jesus appear in the pub at 6pm.

Nothing sacrilegious just a clever use of augmented reality on mobile phones.

Something were we can quickly create augmented reality as a guerrilla marketing tactic.

And basically where I maybe spook my wife and video it….

We will give it a go tonight – and if the world doesn’t end – you can check it out soon.


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