Happy Independence Day – but now let’s do something Independent :)

Today – July 4th is Independence Day. And so this got me to thinking.

Not only about how great it is to run a couple of very independent business

One in digital marketing training – www.yourmarketingtrainer.co.uk

Another in live training for small businesses and high growth programmes – www.greatmarketingworkshops.com

And a boutique augmented reality development company – www.goaugmented.com

But also about Manchester, her independence, and how we must all fight for what’s right. No matter what the cost.

You see Manchester has been part of many revolutions. And we @goaugmented – what he, the place of our own birth, to be part of the next one: So we have produced a Call to ARms for Manchester and the North West. A little video to show where the future might lie. Which is great as we could some lovely coverage – many thanks to the Manchester Evening News http://bit.ly/goaugmentedinManchesterEveningNews

But back to Manchester and her revolutions. She has been through a few.

The industrial, with her leading the way, a technological one, with Manchester being home to the first computer, and social / cultural with more than a couple social phenomonas starting up in Manchester both in music and sports.

But has Manchester ever truly been independent? Has it ever cpatialised on the revolutions to make money? Who really makes the money out of the opportunities? Did Factory Records? (Legendarily not!) Did the computer nicknamed Baby, which was the world’s first stored-program computer. Did it make Frederic C. Williams, Tom Kilburn and Geoff Tootill as rich as Gods…. probably not. Whilst the industrial revolution helped the whole nation of Great Britain but most of the money flowed back down south after generations to be swallowed up by the capital.

So it was interesting whilst sitting in The Sharp Project talking about Manchester and her chance at independence to hear Peter Saville (legend of Manchester Design) talk so effortlessly about branding and independence.

According to Peter, as we have stated a Manchester legend, branding is what you do. Not, what your marketing says you could do. Which is the brand promise. The brand feel, the equity is whether you achieve it.

So Peter thinks the branding of Manchester is problematical and needs another mapping exercise by the public sector. Believe you me what Manchester doesn’t need is another mapping exercise. Unless you are being paid to do the mapping exercise – and that’s another point / business entirely.

Manchester simply needs to get behind the new stories of the time, not the news stories in newspapers (who the heck reads those things 😉 , not the old ideas and old legends who get trotted out to talk about ecosystems and what used to happen back in the days of drugs and dropouts. No offence but enough is enough.

Yes Manchester was cool. But so was Liverpool 20 years before. And unless Manchester does rebrand itself it will take one more generation away from the Hacienda to declare Manchester culturally dull and socially bankrupt (without the universities…)

Branding is NOT what you do. It’s the way you do it. It’s what you promise and then how you deliver that promise. For example, The Hacienda was ONE club – but it became a standing point, a branding point, a landing place for so much more (and no I never did go.)

Manchester became a destination because of a series of events with global reach. Whether they liked it or not – Manchester was marketed. And it is this final point, this moment of independence, that made London sit up and notice, it gave birth to a phenomena, a revolution in thought. And just as the last moment of Manchester Joy (Division) was fuelled by a change in social practises (add drugs here) and a vision (subtract sense here) the new revolution can be fuelled by technological change, by grass roots techies, by early adopters distrubting the status quo.

Let’s get augmented reality and mobile marketing behind the next vision. Not just because we are the best augmented reality developers in Manchester (we might not be) but because it is only when you get behind something, when you raise your flag, when you say what you stand for and what you don’t that you can actually start branding.

We here @ goaugmented are a group of marketing geeks and techie nerds who know #AR, augmented reality, mobile marketing and the clashing of the two together is the future for advertising. It is the advertising revolution. And it’s happen with or without Manchester. We think it could happen with. And so we have produced a Call to ARms for Manchester and the North West. Check it out  – A little video to show where the future might lie.


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