Mum’s the world – especially online and soon to be on mobile :)

Yesterday in the office we were thinking about creating an app for Mum’s – today I was created a PPC campaigns internationally for a well respected training agency and stumbled across this.

You might as well call it 10 great reasons to aim for mums online 🙂 (but remember this is Microsoft talking)

Microsoft Advertising is number one when it comes to reaching Mums online, so if you want to speak to 2.6 million online Mums, make sure you talk to us. Our MSN Celebrity pages are packed full of hot gossip which guarantees we’ll be delivering high volumes of ABC1 traffic (73% of our audience is ABC1 compared to the internet average of 63%*) and click-through rates.

*comScore Sept 2010

Real Mums Research

When Microsoft Advertising first surveyed the UK’s online mums, back in 2008, we found the web was vital for organising finances and doing the shopping, and provided important reassurance on health and advice for first-time mothers. Talking to online mums again in 2010, it’s clear that the web still does all those things – but has become far more ingrained within their everyday lives.

For today’s online mums, the Internet is a vital emotional support too:

* 74% rely on email to stay in touch with close friends
* 56% catch up on their favourite TV shows online

Mums make the most of precious me-time by heading online

* 62% catch up with friends on social networks
* 47% play online games
* 30% shop online for themselves

We wander does Microsoft have the stats for Mums with mobiles? Now that would be great.


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