We knew that 2012 would be BIG for mobile – and now Google confirm it too…

The Google Mobile Ads Blog is an informal blog which occasionally provides good insight into Google’s view of the mobile world. Clearly they think that 2011 was a good year for mobile advertising, as they say that the conversation has shifted from ‘Why should I advertise on mobile or build a mobile website?’ to ‘How do I get started?’.

A lot of this below may be from America – but you know what starts over there comes over here 🙂

Here is their view of the top trends from 2011 which will carry on and be important in 2012 and beyond:

    • 1 – Everyone goes mobile
      Smartphones and tablets proved that they weren’t just for the mobile elite, they are increasingly becoming the norm and they continue to change how people connect with each other, and with businesses, everywhere. For example, 79% of smartphone consumers use their phones to help with shopping.

    • 2 – Mobile search transforms shopping, forever 
      Mobile usage has proven to be complementary to the desktop, and we have a clearer picture of how search is changing the ways we shop and connect with businesses. More people are looking for deals both en route to stores and within them on mobile. For example, “Black Friday” related mobile queries were over 200% higher this year than in 2010.

    • 3 – Progress with the mobile advertising ‘pipes’
      As an industry, we came a long way in terms of improving the ‘pipes’ – the systems, products and technologies that advertisers use to build, serve, and measure mobile ads.

    • 4 – Tablets join the mobile party
      Tablets became a major platform this year, with people using these devices to shop, consume media, have fun, and they do so most frequently in the evenings. Tablets are a third screen which will have major implications for marketers.

  • 5 – Businesses start (actually) thinking mobile first
    Smartphones and tablets aren’t small desktop computers – they’re new devices being used in entirely new ways. This year, businesses began to embrace this at scale and many saw good things happen when they built ad campaigns and websites specifically for mobile.

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