Facebook Ads do they work – a 400% ROI from Gaming says …. hmmm they do…

Ever wonder how effective Facebook ads are? According to the data game developers and publishers have supplied to the social networking site, they’re incredibly effective… at least at selling games.

So it looks like that’s where I will be looking at engaging with ;0 – sponsored stories for massmob anyone 🙂

What’s particularly interesting is that the games sold the most by advertising are not the games you’d necessarily expect. Yes, social and casual games were demonstrated to sell pretty well, but Facebook can surprisingly also push console games to the hardcore.

A case in point: EA bought $2.75 million worth of advertising for Battlefield 3 and attributes $12.1 million worth of sales of the popular shooter to its Facebook ads. For those keeping track at home, that works out to about 200,000 copies sold. That isn’t a huge number of sales overall for a game that’s moved millions of copies, but financially that’s a lot of return for a relatively small marketing investment.

Of course determining the effectiveness of any type of ad is, at best, an inexact science. But just the fact that EA thinks it works demonstrates that if nothing else, there’s one type of audience Facebook can reach. And if you’re a gamer you can expect a lot more Facebook game ads on your Feed in the future.

Hey, if it gets political ads off our Feed, so much the better.


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