Ok I was wrong – but right as well. It’s not all LOSOMOPHO… It’s more social has gone visual.

For the record last year I was training people on how to make their business more SOLOMOPHO friendly. i.e. So – Social, Lo – location, Mo – mobile and Pho – Photography and Scanning in.

This is where all marketing is heading as the technology to do some becomes ubiquitous. I argued that the order would be LOSOMOPHO. And I have got this WRONG!

Social has gone visual. That’s the best way to sum up the new data coming out of Hitwise UK this week that shows how two niche activities a year ago – snapping photos on the go and sharing them with your network  and pinning pics of fashions and recipes and cutting-edge design – have become a global phenomenon.

This means that we are in the world of SOPHOLOMO. Social Photo / Visual  Location based Mobile Marketing. How so…?

As Instagram and Pinterest are by far the fastest-growing social networks on a global scale. Instagram has grown over 2,000% in the last year in the UK and over 17,000% in North America. No wonder Facebook paid a cool billion in cash for it a few months ago.

Pinterest is showing similarly impressive growth figures. Especially in the UK.

Here’s the growth story in chart form:

Instagram, which just topped the 80 million user mark, is likely to continue to see its impressive growth streak continue for some time as its popularity rises alongside the growth of smartphones. Pinterest is less harder to gauge. Its scrapbook style social networking means it is enormously popular with females and collectors (about 90% of the population of Pinterest is female.)

But Pinterest does face competition from a dizzying number of copy-cat rivals, and, it’s yet to figure out how to monetize its user base of more than 20 million.

The big thing for my clients is that these numbers are great and an interesting trend. But how do you get more from them than they cost you in time. In time, I will have the answers 🙂

Still, the success of the past year for Pinterest and Instagram points to one enduring truth: the power of the visual social networks in building a global, loyal and active following. We already saw the appeal of Instagram to Zuckerberg & Co. It will be interesting to see how brands can exploit this phenomenon as well.


One thought on “Ok I was wrong – but right as well. It’s not all LOSOMOPHO… It’s more social has gone visual.

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