Some very interesting facts and stats about Social.

16.9 billion – If social media – i.e., social gaming, advertising and commerce – were an industry sector this would be its value in 2012.

£9 billion – The amount in lost revenues retailers are missing out on by failing to offer customers a simple, now-standard feature on their sites: customer recommendations/reviews.

1.5 million – The number of new followers Coca-Cola, a sponsor of the London Summer Games, picked up during the Olympics.

53 – The percentage of survey respondents who said they view Facebook’s sponsored posts, brand pages and ads as too intrusive. Still, Facebook is plotting a new aggressive ad format for newsfeeds.

1 in 8 – The ratio defining the number of companies that are integrating their social media approach into their overall corporate strategy, a new study on social-readiness shows. 15% are mid integration, while 29% are doing nothing. Zilch.

3.6 – ASOS’s Facebook fans were 3.6x as likely to visit the ASOS website than non-fans, a new study shows, a new measure into what a person’s stated affinity means for a brand.

$1 – The cost per click (CPC), or, the cost paid by advertisers to Facebook, has hit the dollar mark for the first time in the US and Canada, which saw a rise of 13% and 12% respectively.


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