The Last Big Independent Social Marketer Syncapse Pimps Itself For Acquisition With Analytics Suite


Syncapse wants to get bought. All its well funded competitors — Buddy Media, Vitrue, Involver, Wildfire — already have. So today it releases a new analytics suite, making it a more appealing turn-key social marketing solution to acquirers by rounding out its Faceb00k ads and Pages offering.

The company’s PR keeps pitching it to blogs as “the largest independent social media management player remaining”, seemingly in hopes of securing it and its investors who’ve plopped down $28.3 million in funding a multi-hundred million purchase like its compatriots got.

It’s been a juicy summer, as older enterprise giants like Oracle and Salesforce plus ads businesses like Google who hesitated to build social marketing products or services buy late stage startups in the space. But IBM, Microsoft, and some other huge enterprisers have yet to snap someone up, and they surely don’t want to be shut out of…

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