A Facebook Hero – how the world works today.

Something happen the other night. I picked up some tickets for Mrs Brown Boys for my wife who is a massive fan. Nothing interesting or different there. But it was where I picked them up from which was different and says something about the modern world in which we live in a positive way. I picked them up from a social stranger….

You could say I picked them up from a total stranger.

The tickets didn’t cost me anything as had already bought them.

They had been opened but not used.

And I had no way of knowing who this person was and we had never known each other.

But bizarrely enough we had some friends in common.

That stranger is called Ian Bidders Bidwell and he is a legend in my mind. A rare type of person who goes out his way to help others. He helped me. And I know he is social . At least online.

The simple truth is that the post office in the wonder way many old institutions, that have lost their way do, had made a mistake. They had lost my wife’s tickets to Mrs Brown’s Boys delivering them to the wrong address. A simple moment of reading Road rather than Grove and I would guess not looking at the post code at all.

Now this blog isn’t about berating the lack of care or interest the post office must have as a underlying theme – but something more about social networking and the power of the free internet to really make a difference to people’s lives.  It’s about our Facebook Hero.

You see Ian (Bidders Bidwell) didn’t just get the letter and throw it away. He didn’t just get the letter and send it back to the post office to get lost again. He didn’t just think – heck it’s the post offices fault – so unlucky. He opened the letter. Saw that the tickets were for a show . He didn’t steal them. He saw that the data of the show was so near that sending them back might make us miss the show. So he did something pro-active. Some wonderful. And something that we couldn’t have done 10 years ago.

He looked at our names. Then he went online. He went on Facebook. He may have searched inside Facebook. He might of even Google me. More importantly, he found us.  He messaged me about the tickets and that we could pick them up. He even did it a couple of times as I forgot. The point is he did something. And he did something socially.

He is my (our) Facebook Hero – and so here I commend him. Perhaps it says something about the online world when proactive people can help others without a reward more than the reward of doing the right thing. And more importantly they do it too.

I am hoping that with my new charity app idea that the same might be said as a user experience around donating. Here is the survey here – go on if you haven’t already click here and answer a question on it. But I guess that if you have read this far you are the kind of person who has already.

Nothing really to do with social marketing – but it’s something deeper than marketing. It’s social action – which is just as important if not more so – as it proves the eco system is alive and kicking, at least for some inside Facebook.

Facebook might not have got mobile marketing sorted. But they have seem to have a nice social side of things just right. Could the same be side for twitter? Or Linkedin?

If tickets came through your door for someone else – what social mecanism would you use to find that person? Discuss…. 🙂



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