Jobs For Friends Launches Its (Yes, You’ve Guessed It) Social Recruitment Platform

Classic – as everyone jumps on the bandwagon – did Linkedin miss a trick 😉


There seems to be an endlesssupply of startups in the social recruitment space right now. The premise being that friends of existing employees make the best potential job candidates. And so it is that another offering outs its social recruitment wares: Today sees the launch of Berlin-based Jobs For Friends — the product of longtime e-recruitment company Softgarden.

Jobs For Friends follows a familiar format: Recruiters and hiring managers within a company post a job description/ad on the platform, which they then share with their colleagues via an email invitation pointing to the specific job page. From here, those employees are prompted to share the job within their own networks, with options for Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing, and Facebook. It’s then hoped that some of those trusted friends will choose to apply for and/or ask for more information about the role and what it’s like to work at said…

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