Startups: Here’s A Calculator For Funding And Equity, Courtesy Of SmartAsset


If you’re a first-time entrepreneur, there can be a lot of confusing financial jargon to deal with — especially when you’re raising funding. If you don’t want to get screwed, some things are worth fighting over, but others probably won’t make a difference. Which is which? You can find plenty of viewpoints online, but now Y Combinator-backed startup SmartAsset has released a Startup Economics calculator, which shows you exactly how each financial decision can affect the money you make when you sell to Google (or, you know, whatever).

The calculator basically takes you through each event that can affect the division of a company’s equity. First you start with the founding — entering the total number of shares, each founder, and the equity that they receive. Then you enter employees and advisors and their equity. You can add multiple funding events and their details, and the eventual exit.


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