Kickstarter Brings It All Back Home

Kickstarter – a machine to build dreams – goodness I love that so much I am going to sign up right now (again)


Kickstarter is a machine to build dreams. Whether it’s funding the publication of a novel, production of a movie, or the manufacture of, say, a little bike light, the site has proven time and time again that ideas – dreams, let’s say – cannot be deferred.

Now the company is at a crossroads. Because it is such a popular platform and because so many blockbuster projects – the Pebble smart watch, the Ouya – have gotten funded and funded quite impressively, the rest of the world now thinks Kickstarter is the greatest pre-order engine ever.

There’s the rub: in becoming a place to pre-order pie-in-the-sky products, Kickstarter faces a number of problems. First, it has become the place for established manufacturers to test their potential products for popularity. It has also become a place for hardware manufacturers with potentially little or no experience to raise money for projects…

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