Gambitious Brings Hybrid Crowdfunding To Video Games: Now Accepting Fan Donations And Equity

Love this – and about time too – me thinks 🙂 (kinda gutted as had same idea a month or so ago)


Crowdfunding is so hot right now, and not just the big, sprawling platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo but the proliferation of more focused/specialised funding platforms that aim to serve a particular niche. Recent examples include MedStartr, crowdfunding for healthcare startups; FundersClub which actually gives you equity for your startup investments (not just a set of stickers); and Appsplit, a crowdfunding for apps. You get the picture. Anyway, the latest crowdsourcing platform to join the fray is Gambitious — and the particular crowdfunding furrow it’s aiming to plough is video games.

Gambitious claims to be the first crowdfunding platform exclusively dedicated to the games industry. The funding model it’s introducing is a hybrid one — which means games developers can ask for either fan pledges/donations and/or, in the European Union, request equity investments. Gambitious says it anticipates being able to open up equity investments to the U.S. next year —…

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