Meet ‘Unreasonable At Sea’, The Startup Accelerator That Plans To Circle The Globe By Ship


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The world of startup accelerators and incubators seems to be buzzier than ever, so it is hard to think about how a program could really stand apart from the pack. But the people behind the Boulder, Colorado-based Unreasonable Institute have managed to come up with a way to really make a splash in the crowded space (sorry I couldn’t help myself with that one.)

Meet Unreasonable At Sea, a new program in which 11 startups will board a ship for a three-month-long trip around the world. During the trip, which starts January 9th in San Diego and ends in Barcelona, the entrepreneurs will stop off at 14 international destinations to learn first-hand how to expand their projects to make an impact on a global scale.

It’s a departure for the Unreasonable people as well. At Sea is a completely separate program from the Unreasonable Institute…

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