People ask about how to do great social networking. Hmmm – here is a couple of thoughts…

In order to succeed at social network marketing, you need access to high-quality, hard data and solid analysis and advice.  Without access to good data, online marketers are ill-equipped to beat their competition. 

Get data on your side, and attract qualified leads for your business.  HubSpot’s Corey Eridon recently published 12 Revealing Marketing Stats About Facebook for Business.  They make for interesting reading and worth thinking about for your social media marketing.

1.  42% of Marketers Say Facebook Is Important to Their Business.

Facebook is not only an important channel in the eyes of online marketers.  Many types of companies and business owners employ Facebook as a central part of their marketing strategy.

2.  The Number of Businesses Who Deem Facebook Critical or Important Has Increased 75% in the Last 3 Years.

The percentage is likely to keep rising exponentially, as marketers learn more about how Facebook can help their businesses.  Facebook is continually adding new personalization options for advertisers and marketers.

3.  62% of Markers Report that Social Media Became More Important to Their Marketing Campaigns in the Last 6 months.

While most marketers agree that Facebook is important, it is not the only show in town.  Real social media success comes from integrating your social channels to achieve optimal results. Encourage Twitter followers to become Facebook fans, Facebook fans to comment on your LinkedIn page, and Pinterest users to share their images on your Facebook Timeline. There are many opportunities for cross-channel promotion that can help you expand your reach.

4.  Social Media Has a 100% Higher Lead-to-Close Rate than Outbound Marketing.

Although many marketers are convinced that they can generate leads from social media, they are less certain that these leads really turn into customers.  However, they actually do, so investing in social media makes good business sense.  Social network marketing is also much less expensive than tradition outbound methods.

5.  Investing in Facebook Marketing and Advertising Makes Good Business Sense.

A whopping 77% of B2C companies and 43% of B2B companies acquired customers from Facebook.

6.  80% of Social Network Users Prefer to Connect with Brands through Facebook.

You should always engage with your audience with their preferred method. Your target audience may want to post to your Facebook Page’s Timeline.  If your company does not have a Facebook Timeline, you could be seriously missing out on expanding your reach and generating new business. Just having a Facebook Timeline is not enough though; it needs to be reliably monitored and updated as well.

7.  If You Really Want to Increase Engagement on Facebook, You Cannot Automate.

Auto-posting to Facebook decreases likes and comments by 70%.  To get the best results, you have to do social media the old-fashioned way.  While you should not auto-post, you can still use a social media publishing template to get most of the work done ahead of time and have it ready to go.

So there you go – a quick why but not how. The how comes later… 🙂



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