Taggstar Launches To Help Publishers Make Their Images Interactive, Shareable And Shoppable

Just imagine what could be done with this and augmented reality 🙂


Another startup offering to help publishers unlock the full potential of the images they publish, by making them interactive, shareable and, potentially, ‘shoppable’, gets its full public launch today: Taggstar lets publishers add layers of additional content to images — video, audio, photos, text, and maps — in a bid to increase engagement, and optionally, generate additional revenue via its “create a shop” feature, which takes the heavy lifting out of turning those images into a fully-fledged online store.

Taggstar operates in a somewhat crowded space, which includes the likes of Luminate, ThingLink and Stipple, and similar to those offerings, works by enabling publishers to add ‘hotspots’ to portions of an image so that when a reader clicks on those hotspots or hovers over them, additional content is revealed. This might include other relevant images or links, further text, or audio/visual material, such as embedded video or audio. In…

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