Moglue Lets Authors Create And Publish Interactive Ebooks On iOS And Android The Simple Way

Now that is simply brilliant – i love it – perhaps this and augmented reality for print – will change education / writing as we know it?


New York- and Seoul-based Moglue (last year’s TechCrunch Disrupt Beijing finalist) has rolled out a few changes to make it easier to create and publish interactive ebooks on smartphones and tablets. Its ebook publishing platform now consists of two main elements, MoglueBuilder (used to create content-rich ebooks without programming skills) and MoglueViewer (used to preview ebooks on target devices).

When we last covered Moglue back in May, the startup was focused only on iOS but has just started to offer support for Android, too. Authors can now make ebooks with MoglueBuilder, preview the content on any iOS or Android device in real-time with MoglueViewer, and then place their titles as apps directly in the App Store or Android stores – following a “step-by-step” process from within MoglueBuilder.

MoglueBuilder is available for PCs and Macs, and again, users don’t need to have programming knowledge to create interactive ebooks. The tool makes it possible…

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