Twitter better than your own website at converting b2b leads….surprising?

We all knew that twitter would be better than Facebook for business to business but a surprising fact supported by research is that twitter might even beat your website!

As the new report highlights that – tweets drive B2B lead generation at a higher rate than site visitation – but we shouldnt be suprised as 1. The new study is from Twitter and Compete, a Kantar Media company. And 2. If you think about it – it makes sense.

The survey, “Tweets in Action: Mobile/Tech,” which examined the online activity of more than 6,000 Twitter users as they visited more than 400 B2B tech sites in November and December, found Twitter users visiting a B2B tech company’s site were much likelier to convert.

Eleven percent of Twitter users who saw a tweet from a B2B tech brand completed a sign-up form on the company’s website, compared to 4 percent of average Internet users.

TechCrunch reported last month that Twitter was testing a new ad unit that gives direct marketers a way to generate leads directly from tweets, but the social network has stayed mum on the specifics.

Marketing Land said the release of this study as well as tests of the new lead-gen tool is Twitter’s way of  letting B2B companies know that their audiences are using Twitter. 

“It’s a simple-but-smart tool, and one that–if and when it rolls out widely–helps Twitter offer a more well-rounded suite of products for different kinds of advertisers,” wrote Marketing Land’s Matt McGee. “And, that’s exactly the message they’re trying to get across with today’s statistics about B2B audiences on Twitter.”

Twitter’s survey also found that Twitter users visit B2B tech brand sites at a higher rate (59 percent) compared to average Internet users (40 percent), and Twitter users search for B2B tech brands at a higher rate (30 percent) than average Internet users (12 percent).

“Tweet exposure not only increases site traffic and influences brand consideration, it also drives leads for B2B tech companies. In addition to offering educational resources to your audience, consider including specific calls-to-action with incentives to encourage sign-up,” wrote Twitter Analyst Cheri Saito in a blog post highlighting the stats. “Business decision makers are engaging on Twitter. B2B customers and thought leaders use Twitter to discover information and share content. This offers B2B marketers a unique opportunity to connect with this audience, build relationships and influence their decisions–all in real time.”

Perhaps its the real time interaction potential, perhaps it’s the briefness, perhaps its just fashion or that twitter is so very very mobile friendly. It might even be that you can advertise with twitter b2b with location and by keyword?
Perhaps it is that emails really are dying out as a preferred form of communication – who knows (I have a few theories) either way Twitter once again must be rather happy!

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