Does b2b marketing finally, GET G.R.E.A.T. Marketing? Eloqua Survey says …. maybe.

For someone like myself, who has both public and private and b2c and b2b clients it often amazes me at the differences between them and the skill sets a client thinks you should possess. For me GREAT marketing is great no matter which side you are on. And do the following article had me “a thinking” perhaps finally b2b has caught up with b2c on digital. As Eloqua Survey points out the modern b2b marketing person realises they need more than just a press release, a brochure and a smile… 

Modern B2B marketers need to master measurement tools and sales enablement skills to succeed in their profession, according to a study released by BtoB magazine and Eloqua, a provider of marketing technology.

“Defining the Modern Marketer: From Real to Ideal” found that the ability to measure ROI using technology is the most transformative factor for B2B marketers. Sixty percent of respondents said the availability of marketing measurement technology has most changed the profession. Use of social media followed closely at 58 percent.

Reinforcing the significance of measurement, 35 percent of respondents reported that marketing ROI is the most important measure to gauge marketing success. Second in importance (24 percent) was the marketing department’s ability to influence sales. Other sales-supporting metrics, such as conversion rate (16 percent) and revenue per customer (7 percent), were also rated as highly important for B2B marketers in determining success. Further, 60 percent of respondents said they need to achieve fast and relevant touch-points in the market to help drive sales.

The B2B buying process has fundamentally changed,” said Joe Payne, CEO of Eloqua, in a statement. “As prospects conduct the bulk of their research online, sales reps enter the buying cycle much later. The process has become marketing-driven and today’s marketing team plays a critical role. Marketing is adopting new digital strategies to improve the buying process and more importantly the overall customer experience. This study presents a deep view of where marketers stand today and where they need to go to be successful.”

The BtoB survey, conducted in January, polled 556 B2B marketing professionals through an online survey on their views on, and practices in, the concept of “modern marketing.” Questions covered what respondents are currently doing in digital marketing and technology, key marketing competencies, most important marketing channels and vehicles, and roles they take within their organizations, the report said.


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