Here comes everybody – Clay Shirky was right…

Many moons ago I read lots of things by Clay Shirky and Brian Solis, good stuff, well thought out stuff, social stuff, stuff about how in the future we would all make our own magazines and social content. Well… Flipboard’s revamp lets readers curate, share their own magazines.

Flipboard is rolling out an overhauled version of its free social magazine application for Apple’s iOS, giving users the tools to create and share their own customized digital magazines. Flipboard brings together stories, photos and videos from across multiple content platforms and social networks, leveraging a swipe-based user interface that draws inspiration from the look and feel of traditional print publications. The new Flipboard 2.0 introduces a “+” button enabling iPhone and iPad owners to assemble personalized publications spotlighting any topic, event or personal interest–each item “flipped” into a magazine preserves attribution back to the original media source, and social media content such as comments and retweets are reflected back to the originating social network.

All customized Flipboard magazines are public and sharable via email, Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) or Twitter–readers can “like” items, comment on posts or even set up subscriptions for subsequent issues. The new Flipboard Notifications also alerts curators when readers interact with their magazines.

Flipboard adds that content providers can leverage the new curation tools to share archival content, publish collections or package together stories in a new way.

Flipboard 2.0 also launches Content Search, which lets readers find any media shared across the Flipboard platform. All results are laid out in the app’s signature format, effectively creating new magazines based on each search term.

In addition, a new visual Content Guide gives readers access to everything on their Flipboard, letting them rearrange or delete sections by tapping and holding, or switch between subjects of interest.

Also new: Sidebars within magazines to make it easier to find sources and topics, recommended reading suggestions, expanded Facebook integration and shopping from the Etsy marketplace. Which I guess we don’t get a cut off – but it would be interesting if we did.

But with the app topping 50 million users worldwide – that would be a heck of a lot of pie to be giving away. Even in small slices.

So it’s goodbye and hello flipboard again 🙂


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