An old blog about how the digital publishing landscape is changing due to tablets…

We hear a lot about how tablets are changing the digital publishing landscape. But how exactly? Here are 13 statistics that shed light on the impact of tablets on publishing, reading and the media industry.

Note that most of these studies are from the US, unless otherwise indicated.

1. According to Forrester Research, 112.5 million US adults are expected to own a tablet in 2016. That’s over one-third of US adults (Forrester, March 2012).

2. Nielsen reports that tablet adoption has gone up by 400% in the past year (Nielsen, June 2012).

3. 56% of tablet owners use their devices for reading news (Pew State of the News Media 2012, March 2012).

4. Tablet users spend an average of 14 hours per week with their tablets (Online Publishers Association, June 2012).

5. A recent Nielsen study found that 45% of tablet owners use their device while watching TV on a regular basis (Nielsen, April 2012).

6. People love to read on their tablet, preferring it to their mobile phone, computer and even the newspaper (Online Publishers Association, June 2012).

7. 45% of respondents in a recent Association of Magazine Media (MPA) survey reported that they spent 1-3 hours per week reading magazines on their mobile devices (MPA, November 2011).

8. Where do people use their tablet? 88% of tablet owners use the device in their living room, 24% at work and 79% in the bedroom (AdWeek, April 2012).

9. 55% of respondents in an MPA survey said they read or tapped advertisements in a magazine’s tablet edition (MPA, November 2011).

10. Tablet users are nearly 3x as likely to watch video as smartphone users, says comScore (comScore, June 2012).

11. The Telegraph (UK) reported that its iPad app users had “20 minutes dwell time and 41 pages per use – roughly 8 times deeper access than on the web.” (Tab Times, January 2012)

12. The Financial Times now has 285,000 digital subscribers – almost as high as its 305,000 print circulation (Financial Times, June 2012)

13. The Economist has detailed that digital subscribers have been additive; 77% of them have never had a print subscription (The Economist Group customer database, August 2011).


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