Andreessen-Backed MinoMonsters Follows Rovio’s Lead, Signs Book Deal, Releases Trailer As It Plans Move Into TV, Film, Toys


MinoMonsters launched in early 2011 on a mission to become the Pokémon of social games, allowing gamers to explore a world inhabited by bite-sized, furry monsters, taking them on quests and battling their friends. For this reason — and because founders Josh Buckley and Tyler Diaz were Y Combinator’s two youngest graduates at 18 and 17-years-old, respectively — the startup found some early buzz. And big things were expected.

But, as it goes with startups, there have been some ups and downs. Last summer, when MinoMonsters released v2.0 of its iOS game, it significantly altered the gameplay, doing away with quests to focus exclusively on one-on-one battles. As a result, Buckley decided to trim down the staff and start fresh, while Diaz left the startup to work on new projects.

Since MinoMonsters re-focused last year, things have moved forward pretty quickly, Buckley tells us. The startup’s iOS app now…

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