For the wearable tech market to thrive, it needs to get in better shape


Any attendee at this year’s CES couldn’t help but notice the sheer number of wearable health vendors in the health and fitness section of the convention floor. What was once a small corner at last year’s show has blossomed into a couple hundred exhibitors. Confirming the trend is real, ABI Research claims that nearly 30 million wireless wearable health devices were shipped in 2012 and that figure is projected to grow to 48 million in 2013. But with so many new companies producing their activity monitors, fitness trackers and calorie counters, what is the tangible future for this segment of emerging tech?

Well, we may have gotten a preview of that recently with Jawbone’s acquisition of BodyMedia (Disclosure: the author’s company, Comcast Ventures, is an investor in BodyMedia). Coming on the heels of Zeo closing the doors on its innovative sleep tracking device, is it possible the pendulum is already…

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