G2 Crowd Takes On Gartner Magic Quadrant With Crowdsourced Review Platform

Now that is clever


G2 Crowd wants to disrupt Gartner’s Magic Quadrant through a real-time, crowdsourced platform of peer reviews and social analytics targeting the CRM and marketing automation markets.  The new “Grids” service launches June 1.

The platform, free to explore, analyzes and correlates about 15,000 peer reviews that it has aggregated since its launch in February.

HubSpot ReviewsG2 Crowd

CEO Abel Goddard says G2 Crowd will sell access to its crowdsourced data and provide comparison tools that customers can use. The value is in the data and how it is segmented. Customers now pay a one-time fee of $199 to get the CRM data. Abel envisions it becoming a subscription model.

Grids feeds peer reviews, web traffic, Twitter, LinkedIn,  and other social media data into an algorithm to determine how companies are perceived. The peer reviews are weighted more heavily than other data.

Reviews so far put Salesforce.com and Microsoft Dynamics in the lead for…

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