Obama’s CTO Talks About How Learning Works In Kio Stark’s New Book, Don’t Go Back To School


The following is an excerpt from my new book Don’t Go Back to School: a handbook for learning anything.

To someone who has never tried, it’s not obvious how to learn the things you want to learn outside of school. I’m on a mission to show you how. To do that, I became obsessed with how other people learn best, and how they do it without going to school.

My research based on interviews with 100 independent learners revealed four facts shared by almost every successful form of learning outside of school:

  • It isn’t done alone.
  • For many professions, credentials aren’t necessary, and the processes for getting credentials are changing.
  • The most effective, satisfying learning is learning that which is more likely to happen outside of school.
  • People who are happiest with their learning process and most effective at learning new things — in any educational environment — are…

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