How your company can start using data: Think small and internal first

very very wise words – its not about the size but what you are doing with it that matters 😉


A company doesn’t necessarily need a fully fledged data science team and expensive tools to start doing data analysis, executives from PayPal, MailChimp and Import•io argued at Structure:Europe 2013 on Wednesday.

“I would argue one of the most sophisticated data science tools we’ve had in the past 20 years has been Microsoft Excel,” Andrew Fogg, founder and chief data officer at Import•io, said. “Businesses run on this, and not just small businesses.” A company that wants to move beyond a tool like Excel should “think about the limitations” of that program and “think about what you need from there.”

John Foreman, chief data scientist at MailChimp, said smaller companies have gotten more comfortable with data science as they’ve seen more use cases for it. While large companies like hotel chains and airlines have used data science for decades, recently storage has gotten cheaper and there are more use cases at small companies…

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