Arrington, McClure, Damelin, DeRycker, Hommels, Rimer — Our Disrupt Europe Battlefield Finals Judges


A central aspect of any Disrupt event is the Battlefield startup competition, and at TechCrunch Disrupt Europe there will be no exception to this. This is where new companies reveal themselves to the world on the day, usually completely out of stealth mode, launching there and then. Former competitors to have launched on the Battlefield stage include Yammer, and Dropbox, to name just a few. It’s been a central part of the annual TechCrunch conference since TechCrunch Founder Michael Arrington famously disrupted the industry by putting startups through a rigorous selection programme, not on their ability to pay a fee to appear on the main stage (still, alas, a blight on our industry) but on just how good their product and team was. So, not only do startups get put through their paces by TechCrunch editorial and event staff, but they are then grilled by on-stage judges and finally…

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