Mobile marketing – more powerful than perhaps we would like to imagine…. but first…

Did you know that a lot of research is showing that tapping on the screen of the smartphone is just as addictive as the gesture of smoking. Which in a way explains A LOT of my behaviour… 

But is your marketing as addictive? More importantly is your marketing mobile….?

Some great mobile marketing stats… the whole piece being written by my pals at Appscend 

  • 80% of the time, app usage is higher than mobile browser usage.
  • 72% of people use the Internet on their smartphones daily.
  • 54% of people with mobile phones own smartphones.
  •  67% of people use their smartphones to go online and browse even when they are at home and they could just as easily do so on the PC or they could turn on the TV.
  • 51% of women spend time on the Internet on their phones daily, compared to 43% of men.
  • 45% of the people browsing through products are doing research and comparing prices.
  • 34% of the people browsing end up buying something.
  • 30% go online on their phones while at work.
  • 26% of the time spent online on the mobile phone is dedicated to social networks.
  • 17% use mobile Internet while dining out.

Yesterday I did a workshop for students on social and mobile marketing and was amazed when around 90% of them said that their mobile was within arms reach 100% of the time including when they slept…. I was amazed it wasn’t 100% 😉 

You really cannot under estimate the power of mobile. 

But is this new move into mobile a good thing? A great thing for marketing might not be a good thing for us all says – worth a think about… 


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