Algorithms will do more and more of the thinking in the world


At the New York Stock Exchange, machines make decisions in as short as 740 nanoseconds — faster than any human can think.

“This is a world where the speed of light has to be factored into the equations for buying and selling,” Quid founder and CTO Sean Gourley said at the Structure Data conference Thursday.

Like trading, which Gourley noted is mostly done by machines, bots now make up most of our web traffic. Within the time it takes to load a page, algorithms determine where a user is located, what they like and what types of ads to serve. More and more, algorithms are ruling our world. And as they continue to get smarter, our relationship with them will evolve.

Gourley said that there are two types of relationships we are already used to, where we are the product or the owner. We are the product on sites like Facebook(s fb)…

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