User experience is the new differentiator. How will that affect the internet?

So true now a days marketing has moved back and back and back – it’s now about product and user experience far more than campaigns and messages. It’s even pre product.


The world of business is changing, as are the locations of the people who are driving that business. How companies reach new users and how they treat them once they do will be the defining business issue of the future. Those who deliver the best user experience to a global audience will win this race will change the internet as we know it.

Improvements to the customer experience come in many forms — it could be a new mobile app, it could be data-driven proactive outreach and troubleshooting, it could be cross-platform messaging. Whatever tactic you choose to improve the user experience, the bar will be set and the stakes will be raised for expectations.

How will this force change the internet?

An improved customer experience rapidly turns negative when it’s unavailable or slow. The internet was architected with reliability in mind. Speed and performance were second-class citizens to availability…

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