Mobile advertising spend doubled in the UK in 2013, passing £1bn

Great info from Dave Chaffrey and the team at Smart Insights. Full Blog is here.

They report that “In April 2014 the IAB and PwC  published their regular survey giving full-year figures for online advertising in 2013.

[They] recommend using this annual research on online advertising to benchmark your investment in online media with other organisations in the UK. The main headline which should prompt examination of brands are reaching their audiences on mobile devices is that:

Mobile advertising spend doubled in the UK in 2013, passing £1bn

Other headlines from the latest ad spend report are:

  • Across all categories advertising on the internet and mobile phones overall increased by 15.2% or £853 million to £6.30 billion in 2013 – up from £5.45 billion in 2012.
  • Video advertising grew by 62% year-on-year to £324.9 million. Video now accounts for 18% of all online and mobile display advertising.
  • Mobile now accounts for over one third (35%) of total digital social media advertising
  • Tablet-dedicated advertising has grown more than 400% to reach at least £34.4m in 2013, which is up from £6.8m in 2012.

Percentage of overall ad spend on digital media advertising?

This research can be used to have an impact when discussing with colleagues how much a company should spend on digital media. Back in the 2011 IAB report it was reported that more than £1 in £4 of ad budgets were spent online  for the first time and online ad spend is now closer to 30% of all spend although the figures weren’t disclosed in the latest announcement.

We know many organisations spend significantly less than 25% of their communications budget on online media, but this may well be right for their market….

“Ed – for example my client over at Justaxi – being Manchester taxi comparison app – really only uses digital advertising and social media. We are doing some print materials and offline promotions but this is very limited and has a limited ROI. “

However with £3 in £4 still spent offline in traditional media like TV and print advertising it underlines the continued effectiveness of traditional media and the need to integrate these with online media.

“Ed- which is why we have QR code printed on our new range of beer mats with a special offer inside 🙂 for Justaxi.” 

Justaxi is Manchester’s taxi fare comparison and mobile bookings app – no need to call a taxi – the app gets you the best prices for taxis in Manchester instantly. No need for taxi numbers or remembering your local Manchester taxi services website – our app find the best taxi prices for you depending on where you are. With our app you can book your taxi in Manchester, even by credit card and paypal. It’s easy with Justaxi – Manchester’s taxi booking app.”


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