What happened when @jameshowgego met with @johnardern as part of Manchester Marketing Mentors sponsored by @justaxi

Manchester Marketing Mentors

John Arden Imagelegendary Manchester mentor met with James Howgego who is the eyes, ears and mouth of The Printers Inc, James was the guy brought in by Nick, the founder of the idea, at an early stage to help with marketing, customer service and user processes.

James wanted John’s help as John has nearly 50 years experience in research and mentoring, business and personal – working with companies, agencies, teams and individuals – and over 30 years in his own businesses.

1. What is the name of you and your company / idea

James Howgego, Marketing Director at The Printers Inc

Find us on www.theprintersinc.co.uk @PrintersIncUK and on www.facebook.com/ThePrintersIncImage

2. What is your idea?

We are a print on demand service seeking to empower and facilitate sales of the world’s digital imagery. We work with artists and photographers to sell prints of their work online through their web presences…

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