CraftBot 3D Is Another Take On Making An Affordable, Accessible 3D Printer


You wait ages for an affordable 3D printer and then two come along at once… Yesterday we covered Mota 3D‘s Kickstarter campaign to raise $100,000 to get a fully featured, high res RRP $600 3D printer to market. Today meet CraftBot 3D, whose makers are seeking $40,000 via Indiegogo to make an “easy to use affordable” 3D printer.

How affordable? Starting at $399 for early pledgers, but stepping up thereafter — rising to $699 RRP, which is a little more expensive than Mota 3D at full price but the printer is a little more flexible in terms of filament so running costs may be lower.

(Worth noting that a few very early Kickstarter backers were able to bag a Mota 3D for much less than RRP, including a few units offered at a $99 steal.)

The CraftBot 3D has been designed to include a large build area (circa 10in x 8in x 8in) — larger than Mota 3D’s, and…

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