Monday Funday: travel special!

Interesting marketing….


Good morning Monday Funday-lovers! I am speaking to you from the past. I had to write this post in advance because I’m on holiday right now – today now, not the ‘in the past’ now. Try and keep up. To mark my being away on my hols I’ve got an extra special travel-themed Monday Funday for you. Buy your tickets, buckle up and put your seatbacks in the upright position – the good ship Monday Funday is about to weigh anchor.


Brita has come up with a campaign based all around the awkward scenarios that might arise on public transport. The brand has come up with some print ads that are splashed all over public transport, as well as a raft of YouTube vids fronted by feted stand-up Russell Kane. Unfortunately, Russell Kane isn’t very funny and the videos aren’t either. Here’s one:

Often awkwardness is funny, think the first series…

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