Use magic words – destroy tragic words

Something to think about with your PPC advertising.

Especially when the words are important.

For years old advertising copy writers have sworn by this words, which make people listen more, pay more attention and click more.

They are free to use for you today, to help you make more money and get the results you need for free, right now.

Below you to can discover the power of using alternative words to gain happy customers and do some good for your company.

The following advice is yours now forever. For Free. The benefits are proven.

You get what I mean?

Magic words:

Free, new, you, introducing, sale, save, money, discover, results, easy, proven, guaranteed, love, benefits. Alternative, now, win, gain, happy , trustworthy, good looking, comfortable, product, healthy, safe, right, security, winnings, fun, value, advice, wanted , announcing, your, people , why.

But…. make sure you never use these bad words other wise you will find advertising difficult and your ads will fail and it will cost you a lot of worry and money.

We take no liability whatsoever for you using such hard words.

Tragic words:

Buy, obligation, failure, bad, sell, loss difficult, wrong, decision, deal, liability, hard, death, order, fail, cost, worry, contract

Don’t worry I am sure you wont now.

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