Does Twitter sell stuff? Can Twitter sell “stuff”? #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday Analysis 2014

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Originally on LinkedIn.

I am not a huge fan of #BlackFriday, or the marketing of it, the name alone worries me. But it was interesting to use this bastion of sales and its digital counter part #cybermonday, as a barometer to see how well Twitter is doing in the new arena of social ecommerce and sales. So how did Twitter do over both?

#Black Friday.

According to social media analytics firm Spredfast, Black Friday 2014 was the most social ever, driving more than 2 million Twitter conversations in the seven-day lead up to the day.

That’s more than twice the number from 2013, Spredfast said. But what about for Cyber Monday?


Preliminary Spredfast data indicates that it’s also driving record Twitter interaction, with 340,000 conversations in the seven-day period, a 75% increase in Twitter action over…

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