HappyFresh Is Bringing Instacart-Style One Hour Grocery Delivery To Southeast Asia


One-hour grocery delivery is coming to Southeast Asia after HappyFresh, a new e-commerce startup, launched its service.

Initially available in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and Jakarta, Indonesia, the startup is promising to blow the current expectation of next-day delivery — a concept that is already challenging given the complexities of the region — out of the water by delivering groceries from well-known retailers direct to customer doors within one hour.

The service offers a selection of products that you’d find in supermarkets to customers via a marketplace-style app, much like Instacart in the U.S.. The app operates as you’d expect: users peruse high-street grocery stores, picking out the items and heading to the basket menu to pay. Deliveries are monitored in-app, Uber-style, and can be sent to your door or scheduled for later if you’re out and about.

HappyFresh was founded back in October, and has been available in a limited beta in Kuala Lumpur since February…

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